Appellate Litigation

If you're disappointed because your original trial or hearing didn't leave you with the result you had hoped for, there are often avenues available for you to appeal the original decision.  You might challenge the judge's decision to allow the other party to admit certain evidence against you, or maybe the court made a mistake and applied the wrong law in reaching its decision.  If you're not satisfied with the results as they stand, contact me and I'll review your original case and identify any possible issues you may wish to appeal.  If I handle your appeal, I'll focus on the most vulnerable aspects of the original court ruling and advocate your position before the appropriate appellate body, including the Supreme Court of South Carolina.

My appellate practice isn't limited to any one area of the law, so regardless of the nature of your original matter, I may be able to help with your appellate needs.

For Other Attorneys & Firms

If your client is interested in pursuing an appeal and you're unsure whether you have the time to tackle it on your own, consider contacting me to discuss how I can assist you.  Whether you need some extra help with researching helpful case law, a fresh set of eyes to review your argument or brief, or someone to fully join as co-counsel, I am available to assist with appeals in all areas of the law.

Whether you're dissatisfied with a previous court decision or you're an attorney looking for some extra help with an appeal (or looking to refer out the appeal in full), contact me to discuss your options on appeal.