Office Overview

Personal, Responsive, & Focused

The Law Office of T. Ryan Phillips, LLC is a Charleston-based law practice dedicated to providing clients with superior legal services, with personal attention to your particular needs and goals.  By deciding to work with a small practice, you can expect personal attention to your case and the ability to communicate directly with the lawyer handling your matter.  You won't waste time navigating a confusing voicemail system or waiting to be transferred through several people.

When you hire me to take care of your legal matter, you'll know the focus is on you.  We'll work together to create a personally-tailored plan to best achieve your goals.  You'll have easy, direct access to me and the latest developments in your case.

Engaging in a Variety of Legal Representation

My local practice focuses on a range of areas, allowing me to help clients with a variety of needs.  With skills and abilities to assist in several areas of the law, I focus on clients as people, rather than nameless files in a database.

Located in the Heart of Downtown Charleston

My office is conveniently located on downtown Church Street in the Franke Building, near the Market, the courthouses, and across the street from Tommy Condon's.  Stopping by for an appointment is easy, with metered parking in front of the building and a covered parking garage attached.

Contact the Office

If you're interested in learning more about how I can apply my focus-based practice to help you solve your particular legal needs, contact me by filling out a quick online contact form or reach me directly by email or by phone at (843) 720-3726.