Dedicated Legal Service in the Lowcountry

Client-Centric Solutions

The Law Office of T. Ryan Phillips, LLC practices law with the client in mind.  The focus is on you, and legal strategies are tailored to your specific needs and goals.  You won't be offered cookie-cutter solutions to your real-world problems.

As a small office, there isn't a buffer of several people between you and me.  That means you won't get lost in a confusing voicemail system or wait for your calls to be transferred through layers of staff.  The goal is to return all calls and emails during business hours on that same day, or at least within 24 hours.  You'll always know what's going on with your case, and you won't have to spend time wondering what your status is.

Offering a Skilled & Diverse Practice

My practice isn't focused on just one or two areas of the law.  I enjoy a varied practice, and primarily focus on criminal defense, family law, appellate litigation, and healthcare solutions, including simple wills.

Because I focus on you and your particular needs, I'm able to utilize innovative strategies that work best for your goals.  I'll look to both traditional and more creative ways to work toward a favorable outcome.  As a skilled advocate pursuing your goals in or out of court, your interests are always at the fore.

To see how I can help you with your specific need, choose from the following list or use the online contact page.

Contact the Office

To schedule a time to meet and discuss how I can help you meet your legal needs, call 843-720-3726 or send an email through the online contact page.